Sunday, 23 November 2014

Movember 2014: Hair Today Review

So, my mo is on it's way - but I'm getting sick of waiting for it to bush-up a la Freddie Mercury. So, I'm cheating. Introducing Hair Today.

Hair Today is one of those fabulous (straight from Home Shopping Network) products for near-balding men looking to grasp hold of a long forgotten youth. It's literally hair in a can.

Hair Today, Amirose, £14.99, buy here

Shake the nearly-almost-sort-of-like-real hair flakes atop your head and wave goodbye to shiny embarrassment and hello to Hair Today. (I could write the commercial...)


Honestly it quite impressive, the flakes are like iron filings, so they kinda look like hair. I bet this is the secret to Conchita Wurst's lucious beard.

Anyway, I thought it'd be a giggle to sprinkle a little Hair Today into my fledgling moustache to beef it up a little, like sprinkling OXO into a watery stew.

Using a cotton bud I managed to get an even coating and hey presto, move over Freddie, there's a new 'stache in town!


You can donate to my Movember efforts here, your donation means a lot and (along with my mo) is helping to change the face of men's health.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Online Christmas stocking fillers

A few bits I wouldn't mind waking up to on Christmas morning...

100 Vogue postcards, The Handpicked Collection, £14.95, buy here


Kissing stags mug, The Handpicked Collections £9.95, buy here

Eco Amp, Eco Made, Origin68, £7.00, buy here

Temporary finger tattoos, Rosie Wonders, £6.50, buy here

Personalised Christmas Sack, Just Letters, £19.95, buy here

Professional note book, Ogami, Origin68, £4.00, buy here

Rainbow Pack, Happy Socks, £29.99, buy here

Pixel Rainbow Necklace, FrozenCrafts, Etsy, £9.83, buy here

Handmade Paper Bird, Kaper, Etsy, £10.00 (SALE) buy here

Peach and Apricot Tea, Metropolitan Tea, $6.50, buy here


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Movember 2014: Nu Skin Review

Time for another Movember shave, oh my - this mo is getting moving.

Nu Skin, Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm, £16.72 and £25.67, buy here and here

For this shave I used Nu Skin shave cream and aftershave balm, and quite the experience it was too. The shaving cream is in a squeezy tube and is slapped on one's visage like icing on a cake (but, with your hands...) Basically, you don't use a shaving brush. 

The cream lathers well, considering you don't have the brush to get it going, and the shave was smooth and without drag, which is quite the feat considering the cream is an exfoliator too! Whilst you're applying it and then shaving, the cream gently removes dirt and dry skin leaving a fresh face as well as a hairless one. 2 in 1!

The aftershave balm was really cooling and refreshing, helping to prevent any rawness on the neck the scent was interesting too. Lord knows what it was, but it was nice and fresh, like cucumber.

So, here we have it, the mo so far.

Before and after!

Thank you to those that have donated to my mo-efforts so far, and for those that haven't, what are you playing at 'eh? Please donate to the cause here.


Saturday, 15 November 2014

AW14 Look Book: Winter Coats

Ee by gum, it's chilly isn't it? So, what better time than now for a winter coats outfit post?


Military coat, All Saints, £70, TK Maxx

This coat is gorgeous, a simple slimline cut with military influences and one of those high cut necks that you can hide under when the wind is bad!

Boots, Deichmann, £30

A cheeky mention for my blingy snow boots. Just the right amount of leather-daddy, whilst being totally comfy too!

Fur collar coat, French Connection, £108

This is my everyday number, I bought it this season as an AW14 treat. it's so comfy and warm! A slightly boxer fit than my military jacket, with a fur collar and zip-detail on the cuffs, it's a subtle statement in itself.

Bomber, Dissident, £40, TK Maxx

 And now for something a little more urban. This bomber reminds me of that Madonna documentary, Truth Or Dare, Madz and the crew had black bombers for the tour and they were pretty cool, that's why I love this. It screams '90s think Sister Act II, Fresh Prince of Bell Air, you get the picture.


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Movember 2014: St. Kitts Spiced Lime Shaving Soap Review

Time to get this show on the road. Since 1st November I've been growing a mo as part of Movember and t'other day, it was time for my first shave!
So, for my first shave I tried the fresh and zesty concoction that is St. Kitts shaving cream, here goes.

Classic Shaving Brush, £5.95

The scent of St. Kitts is really something, it transports you to a faraway island spa paradise. With buff boys serving Bellinis (maybe that's why it's called St. Kitts, like the Caribbean island?) It's a modern fragrance and a refreshing one too. The cream doesn't lather much, but still leaves a silky buffer between blade and skin that helps the shave slip smoothly from start to finish. All in all, the perfect shave with no irritation or drag.

Before and after.

The scent carries through to the after shave spray, but to be honest with you, it's a little much. Whilst the scent is gorgeous, it's a little fruity to be considered a fragrance one might wear. So, do you know what I do with it? I spray my towels with it. Oh my god, my bathroom smells like a hotel spa. It's incredible.  

To finish off the shave I used the After Shave Balm from His Heaven, a rich and nourishing cream, perfect for post-shave pampering. Read more about His Heaven here.

Well, there we are, step one to achieving mo-status for Movember. Please show your support by donating to my Movember efforts here. 

Your donations mean a lot and are helping to change the face of men's health (not to mention my upper lip!)


Sunday, 9 November 2014

AW14 Look Book: Winter Jumpers

'tis the season to be wrapped up (fa la la la la, la la la la!) so here's a selection of my pull-overs for the winter months.

Hamate2 25 Sweater, Boxfresh, £70

Celebrating 25 years of urban street-wear, Boxfresh have revealed their 25 collection, including this sci-fi style sweater. There's cool air holes and reflective embellishments that make this sweater something out of StarTrek (in my mind) - I just hope I can keep it white for long enough! 

The hi-tops are pretty cool too, from the same line and in that dusty brushed chrome colour that's perfect for transitional trends like sports luxe.

Disco Sweater, French Connection, £40

I love this colour, it reminds me of pick and mix and Saved By The Bell (everything reminds me of Saved By The Bell, it was a monumental piece of drama). I picked this cheeky number up at an FCUK outlet, because I'm a bargain-hunting-bitch-on-fire. etc.

Leather Look Sweater, Villain, £20, TK Maxx
Now, this is a jumper for standing up and posing in. It's such a cool piece, but impossible to sit in without miraculously growing an ample bussum. I found out the hard way when I wore it to work on dress down Friday (or as I like to call it, dress up Friday) and promptly sat down in a meeting and nearly suffocated on the air-bag that protruded up from my chest.

Still, it's a good all-rounder for the autumnal season, and is easily dressed up with a statement necklace for something swanky. 

Wolf Sweater, Criminal Damage, £19.99, TK Maxx

This sweater has a special place in my heart. Why? Well let me tell you. Back when I was studying my A Levels, I worked part-time in a factory that produced personalised goods for those free catalogues you get in the Sunday papers. Y'know the ones, with bean bag cubes made of your family photos and silver (effect) cutlery with your name engraved on etc. etc. One of the products that we made was a hideous zip-up fleece that was patterned with a tasteless atmospheric scene featuring wolves howling at the moon. I mean it was pretty disgusting and to top it all off, people had their names embroidered on the breast. My mother (who worked there) and I both found it hilarious that anyone would wear such a monstrosity and so this jumper pays homage to all that is gross in the world - but ironically, is totally fierce.


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Movember 2014: Let's get ready to mo

It's November, nay Movember, and y'all know what that means. A month of hairy antics taking place upon my face. Yes that's right, I'm committing my upper lip to charity to help us all talk more openly about men's cancers and mental health (and for the grooming products...)

I know, I'm like Mother Teresa, just with (more of) a moustache.

Last year's mogress

So, expect updates on the mo, grooming reviews and a few cheeky surprises along the way. But, in true telethon style, none of this could be possible without your donations, do please pick up the phone (actually, don't just go online) and donate to the cause.

Donate here.